Building Suspense with Libby Fischer Hellmann , February 17, 2013 from 1:30-3:00, Wilmette Library

Evanston Writers Workshop invites you to attend another exciting workshop offering presented by award-winning author, Libby Fischer Hellmann.

Have you ever wondered why a reader keeps turning the pages? It's all about suspense. Building suspense into your work is an essential element of fiction, no matter what genre you write.

We're excited to bring you distinguished authors who are also enthusiastic educators!

Dues-Paid Evanston Writers Workshop members $20 (Membership has its privileges Membership Page). (Your contribution will offset the cost for the space).
Non-Members $25.00

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2013 Fourth Annual “In the Trenches With the Writer” Conference. September 20-22, 2013.

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On-going Events:

Critique Group

(First and third Wednesday of the month organized through the group)

There is typically time for 3 writers on a first come, first serve basis. Pieces must be posted in the "files" section of the site at least three days prior to the meeting and adhere to submission guidelines.

For feedback, members of the group are invited to comment on the work either verbally or in writing or both. Comments are intended to be constructive and deal with the mechanics of the writing and its marketability rather than approval or disapproval of subject matter. Only issues of content should be addressed at the meetings. Grammatical issues or line editing shoud be given to the writer either on paper or electronically.

There is no censorship at the Evanston Writers Group. This is a primary tenent of the group. The only exception that will be tolorated is if a piece is deliberately put up to hurt another member of the group.

During the critique period, the writer should not respond to comments unless a question is specifically directed to that writer. The writer will have a chance to ask questions after all the critiques are finished.

Prompt Group

(Second and fourth Wednesday of the month organized through the group)

These are inventive writing exercises to prime the writing pump. Obviously it is working, the every other Wednesday critique workshop is flowing.

This group is peer led - someone taking their own valuable writing time to plan and facilitate the evening's writing activities. The group is about process not product.

This might be just what you need to renew, refresh or ramp up your writing. Bring a pad of paper and a pen, or your favorite laptop, and take away inspiration and new ideas to tap into your creative flow.